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The ACTI line of food products for fish and other aquatic animals was launched back in 2005 and has been constantly growing in popularity ever since.

All-natural, carefully selected ingredients; a thought-out composition, carefully developed by professionals; strict manufacturing procedures that ensure the purity and safety of water used for production; and an exceptional taste – all this has made ACTI foods the favourite choice of millions of fish both in Poland and around the world. Thanks to the modernisation of the production process and the introduction of the unique VITAL POWER formula, the AQUAEL ACTI foods help fish and other inhabitants of your aquarium to stay healthy and keep in excellent shape.

For health and vitality, aquarium fish require a daily diet that covers all their nutritional needs. This is not achieved as easily as one might think, since their needs are very diverse and complex, and we keep learning something new about them all the time.

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