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Would you like your dog to be always full of vitality? Do you enjoy the happy view of your dog merrily wagging its tail? Would you like its eyes and coat to have a healthy shine?
Of course you would! That is why you must take care that you dog's daily diet is well-balanced and of good quality.

We recommend the new COMFY APPETIT line of canned meat foods for dogs.
This is what makes them a great choice.

THEY ARE FULLY NATURAL - the products contain only natural ingredients that are well suited for dogs. They boast at least a 65% content of carefully selected protein-rich meat. The foods do not contain preservatives or artificial colourings.

THEY ARE COMPLETE - the COMFY APPETIT foods contain a complete set of amino acids that are essential for your dog's well-being. Additional ingredients, e.g. liver or vegetable oil, provide the necessary amount of vitamins and easily absorbed mineral nutrients.

HIGH TECHNOLOGY - a unique production method guarantees that the foods stay fresh and full of exceptional flavour, and that their composition is stable and invariable. Due to the short duration of thermal treatment, the foods retain all nutrients and vitamins.

GREAT TASTE - the new COMFY APPETIT meat foods are offered in a wide range of flavours (lamb, duck, beef, game), so they will please the palate of even the most fastidious dogs.

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