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  • ideal solution for all enthusiasts of marine aquariums
  • a state-of-the-art filtration panel keeps the water clean and ensures adequate water movement
  • features a special lighting module adapted to the needs of corals



The innovative AQUAEL NANOREEF are fully equipped aquarium sets that will let you set up and maintain a miniature coral reef. Each set includes a compact cube-shaped tank, an efficient hang-on filter, and a specialist 2x6W LED modules.

All you need in order to set up an AQUAEL NANOREEF aquarium is a small piece of live rock, some coral sand, and properly prepared salt water. Aquariums based on this set are ideally suited for keeping small corals and crabs, dwarf shrimps, and even the smallest of marine fish. They require little maintenance: regular cleaning and water changes will suffice. They constitute a perfect and inexpensive solution for the fans of marine aquariums.

Water tank
The blue rear wall of the tank constitutes a natural-looking background and creates an impression of optical depth.
Water tanks supplied with the NANOREEF sets are made of durable glass panels of proper thickness that are bonded with special black silicone. This not only makes the tank durable and watertight but also reduces the discernibility of dirt and sediment.

LEDDY TUBE lighting modules provide a very strong light which will meet the requirements of even the most demanding species of coral (MARINE module 10000K + ACTINIC module 20000K). The cover glass protects the inside of the tank and stops animals from escaping.

The hang-on VERSAMAX filter will keep the water in the tank crystal clean. In addition, it ensures active water circulation, which is essential for many marine animals.

Components of the AQUAEL NANOREEF set:

  • water tank with a glass lid and protective corners; available in white or black
  • DECOLIGHT lighting module
  • VERSAMAX hang-on filter


ProductDimensions [cm]Cabinet dimensions [cm]Capacity [l]LightingFilter
NANO REEF 30 WHITE 29x29x35 31x31x110  30 2 x 6 W LED VERSAMAX FZN-3
NANO REEF 30 BLACK 29x29x35 31x31x110  30 2 x 6 W LED VERSAMAX FZN-3




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