Pond heaters
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  • extremely energy-efficient (80% smaller energy consumption than the traditional pond heaters)
  • installed pomp improves water oxygenation
  • easy in installation and practically maintenance-free
  • LED diodes to signal the heater is operating
  • ensures the safety of fish even during the most harsh winters


WINTERHOT PRO flow-through pond heater being both effective in operation and unprecedentedly energy-efficient. Even though WINTERHOT PRO heater resembles traditional pond heaters, it is absolutely unique. It is equipped with intelligent thermostat monitoring the changes in air temperature and a flow-through pump.

The heating element has been placed in an aluminium tube fixed to cover floating on the water surface. The same tube contains also a small pump using just 4W of electricity per hour. The pump creates the water flow around the heater. If the air temperature is above minus 5°C, this is absolutely enough to keep the water surface around the device ice-free. And only if the air temperature falls below the above mentioned level, the thermostat switches the heating module on. Then the water pumped around the heater is immediately heated up and, thus, creates an impressive airhole providing the fish and other pond inhabitants with the efficient gas exchange. Thanks to this solution the heater is switched on only in certain atmospheric conditions, therefore the unnecessary energy consumption is reduced. This makes it extremely economic – in comparison to traditional devices of such a type, it consumes up to 80% less energy! What is more, its operation can easily be monitored thanks to the diodes located on its top and perfectly visible even from a distance.

WINTERHOT PRO is suitable for practically any pond. It provides free gas exchange in the tank even during the exceptionally cold winter and, therefore, protecting its inhabitants from suffocation and keeping them healthy and fit until spring, and all that with respect for the environment and ... the owner's wallet.



Product name WINTERHOT PRO 150
Product code 110531
Wattage (W) 150
Power supply (V) 230
EAN 5905546137720



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